Intolerance for what?

So… I few days back, there was a news saying “Shabana Azmi tweeted something like’this Navratri, I pray no Saraswati has to leave school, no Parvati is killed for dowry’ etc” I don’t remember the exact para but it had all Hindu goddesses names with the disturbing realities still prevalent in India.

While many would have just read the tweet, felt bad for a moment and ignored it in the next second… There is a category that felt hurt and humiliated. They got intolerant towards the tweet!

Not because they realised the wrong doings, but because they felt that a Muslim is using name of Hindu goddesses to demean them!!

Do we worth this much common sense?

And they are not so “illiterates” but so called “educated and updated” part of society that uses Twitter and other social media platforms.

The question that is disturbing me now is: are we so ignorant that we can’t see a human as human now? We can’t see problem as a problem? We don’t want to accept our flaws, that we will target anyone who addresses it with some or other way?


Where is the Evolution?

What do you think caused a single celled organism to evolve and create millions and billions of species?

The reason was simple.. evolution happened because all the organisms believed the need for survival. They worked their way out.

But did you ever realise that there is no evolution we talk about for present day.Ummmm… It means the latest ‘perfectly’ formed species, human, hasn’t been evolving!

So what is it like? We are nature’s gift by being so perfect or nature’s mistake that we killed the chain of evolution?

Considering us to be the ‘blessed’ ones, we are the creatures who have make Earth a home of us only. We have given ourselves so much importance that we believe we are running the world.

But looking it from broader perspective, don’t you feel like that man’s ego and self importance has always been destructive? We cut jungles, we are causing everything to deplete, we are killing other beings; but in return, we haven’t given anything in return. Human has evolved from a smart early man to a couch potato spending all his day on what? This is my personal theory that world wasn’t supposed to be the way it is right now. We were supposed to create new species, with great intellect and physical strength. But look, what we created on the name of new species: human replica robots!

Physically, leave upgrading, we have been degrading our health’s and quality everyday. Mentally, we have so evolved that we want to build our own Earth 2.0

Earlier there was a focus of sustainable development, but now, even the smart minds are like… ‘you enjoy your presence here, we will figure out something for future’

We need to stop this chaos. We need to be emphatic for the world we are living in. We need to do some self realization and make it a livable place for all!

Twisted mentality

There is no such thing called gender equality!

There will always be one gender requesting for it and the other, saying that they respect it, but actually making you realise.. that they did change! Thanks for the mercy Bro!!

No matter how many generations come and go, still we are on same page!

But here is a thing… Is it like we are forgetting men’s point of view?

Physical or verbal abuse… It is always counted for women.. but what if a man accuse the woman for the same? Would we believe it? Would we believe the fact that may be the lady’s nails were that sharp that the gentleman cried out of pain?

The fact is.. truth is always twisted.

Would we accept the fact if we did achieve gender equality… We have to be strong enough to bear the same slap we hit with our brothers at young ages?